Starbury Skurban Line Running Shoe

Starbury Skurban Line Running Shoe
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Starbury Skurban Line Running Shoe



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Stay fit and hip with the Starbury Skurban running shoes. Hood-tested and approved, these shoes are designed to provide maximum performance without sacrificing comfort.Starbury insists there is a misconception in the market place regarding price and quality. Starbury believes in serving the community by providing a high quality product at an affordable price. Join Starbury in its efforts to take care of the forgotten. Starbury plans to donate products and a portion of its net proceeds to various community organizations so feel good knowing that your purchase supports others.

  • Breathable mesh construction

  • Lightweight

  • Skurban "Starbury" printed on tongue

  • Rubber sole

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3Starbury Running Shoe  Mar 30, 2009
By Julie A. Sileo
Shoe is decently made, but not recommended for hard use. Have been using for a month and already the front of shoe is coming apart. For normal wear (walking/running) that does not involve intense sport-like movements (raquetball/basketball), it is a good deal.

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5Good, light-weight shoe for everyday wear  Apr 18, 2009
By A Guy in Indianapolis
This is a good, light-weight shoe. It is very well ventillated, so it's best worn indoors or in warm weather. I wouldn't recommend it for running or sports activities, but for everyday walking, you can't beat it for the price.

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5Excellent shoe for the price!  Jun 24, 2009
By FLYingG0D
I was looking for a pair of sneakers that would not easily tear or start getting holes in it while at work. I don't really do athletic stuff, but a shoe from a local store started tearing at the edges of the toe section (the left and right corners that tend to fold when your toes bend at the ball of your foot). Those shoes were obviously not so great. So, I sent for the Starbury shoes! I went with Navy/White, and they look great!

These shoes have fabric at that common bending point, so they will not easily tear like the solid material my other shoes had. The heel area is indeed fairly weak, so when one puts their shoe on without a shoe-horn, it tends to get folded down. A quick flip with ye olde finger fixes it right up though. And, for the price, I am willing to throw in the extra maneuver when I put my shoes on.

I found these shoes to be really nice, and as long as they last me more than a few months, I will be looking for more in the future! Thank you for having these available!

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2Cheap, Walmart sells better shoes.  Aug 06, 2011
By blackhelio
I'm very disappointed with these pair of shoes, not only does it have a look cheap, the pair of shoes is cheap. They have bad balance and I find myself barely able to run in them, despite the fact that these are so called "running shoes." The soles and toes support are terrible and instead of cushioning the impact, it makes it worst, I can easily contest that running barefoot is a lot better than with these pair of shoes.

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1Bad Quality  Feb 11, 2011
By Mr. Reviewer 155
The bottom of the shoe cracked all the way across the shoe and all the way to my sock after wearing three times under light conditions. I never had this happen except for with a pair of Stacy Adams shoes that got a huge gaping hole in the bottom. Stay away.

Update: I contacted the company regarding this product, and they refuse to stand by their product. They hide behind the terms and conditions agreed to when the purchase was made on even though the product is clearly defective. I only asked for a replacement, and they refuse to provide a replacement! How sad!

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